We empower communities to release Abraham's blessing through Scripture translation, mentoring, and reconciliation.

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There are pockets of people that remain unaffected by our invitation to follow Christ. Our best attempts at communication fail, either because we are not understood, or because our posture is unwelcome. This is especially the case for communities of Muslims, Hindus, and other world religions whose cultural differences prevent authentic dialogue about critical life issues. Without a new approach to communication, countless communities remain ignorant of the Gospel and unable to respond to God. A more strategic approach is required for unreached peoples to understand what it means to follow Christ.
Engaging Worlds desires to bridge any otherness that hinders the Gospel from taking root among the unreached.

Our vision is reproducing fellowships of Christ-followers among communities where traditional outreach is failing. We believe that a new approach to Bible translation, within the context of discipleship, will provide a path for God’s Word to take root among these communities.

“Certainly the LORD watches the whole earth carefully and is ready to strengthen those who are devoted to him.” (2 Chronicles 16:9 NET)

We believe that God finds favor in our pursuit of making disciples among the remaining Unreached Peoples. The vision of bringing the Good News to EVERY people group gained traction in the nineties and is now on the heart of a significant portion of God’s people. Veterans of the unfinished task are challenged to pass on their passion as a new generation surges forward to find their place in what God is doing among the Unreached.

It is not as simple as just passing the torch. This new generation desires to do more than just follow. They want to take a fresh look at the unfinished task and find God’s whisper of a new direction.

We believe that this whisper clarifies our goal among the Unreached: to foster reproducing churches of Christ-followers that remain culturally relevant to their own people group. Though we are commanded to proclaim Christ, God’s plan is that the fullness of following Christ take root and spread among every people group. Through our partnership with local leaders among the Unreached, we have come to believe that success defined like this requires three essential deliverables:

- Scripture Products that are clear, accurate, natural and acceptable
- Teams that remain spiritually healthy and are able to spiritually reproduce
- Team members who are equipped and supported to develop and maintain a culturally relevant lifestyle

Engaging Worlds believes that a new generation of workers seeks to engage with these issues. We develop relationships with those sent to the Unreached and desire to walk alongside them through the important decisions that determine the cultural relevance and long-term impact of this difficult calling. Our approach to Scripture translation is academically rigorous and considers those who have not yet responded to the Gospel to be the most important stakeholders. We believe we can be a reliable partner with those who have become aware of the challenge to become all things to all men. Finally, we can help navigate issues that might derail or even disqualify missionary families from overseas ministries.

Engaging Worlds believes these deliverables are part of our responsibility to engage the remaining unreached people groups. Through God’s empowerment, we have pursued and accomplished these deliverables among three people groups of Central Asia. And now we are helping an indigenous movement begin to pursue these same deliverables among adjacent unreached people groups.
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